How to Pour the Perfect Pint of Guinness Beer

Guinness Drinkers are a Loyal Bunch. Without Guinness, devoted drinkers will often relocate to a more
obliging pub. Guinness's "Perfect Pint" is a tradition that's been going on since 1759.

The truth is:   Without a skilled bartender pouring the "Perfect Pint" - the pint might end up being not so perfect
after all.  Ensure your customer's appreciation - not to mention their contributions to your earnings -
and take care in your pour and presentation:

Step 1: Select a clean, dry glass - hold the glass at 45 degrees under the spout.

Step 2: Pull the handle slowly towards you and allow the beer to flow smoothly down the side of the glass (note: do not submerge the spout in the beer).

Step 3: As the glass fills, straighten the glass - fill glass until full.

Step 4: Stand the glass on the counter and allow the gas to surge through the beer.

Step 5: To create the legendary head, push the handle backward slightly (this is known as "topping off"). The head should rise just proud of the rim.


Step 6: Close the tap and present confidently to the customer.



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